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New LJ [02 Dec 2005|12:03pm]
My new LJ is up and running... Send me a message if you want to be added to it... but send me the message on AIM- xoxapollyonxox

So, everytime I think about him... I smile from the good times, then I start to remember the shitty times and I wonder why I've only ever dated losers.
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Lj is being a nut sucker.. [21 Nov 2005|05:03am]
I've been trying to make a new account.. but it won't send me activation emails.
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If any of you want to be my livejournal buddy... send me a comment with your AIM SN and I will give you my new LJ link.

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So.... [18 Nov 2005|09:51pm]
I am hanging out with my daddy on friday before work.. maybe... saturday and sunday before work... and my mom made me feel bad for not wanting to spend 40 bones to go visit her (For gas there and back).

I am excited about seeing Taylor.
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Life is weird. [18 Nov 2005|01:29pm]
It's funny when you go and try to help someone by warning them about some asshole... the asshole calls you telling you that they can fuck your life up.

I wonder if he knows there isn't anything he can do to fuck my life up... my life is already fucked up and gone. I HAVE TO REBUILD MY LIFE. So, fuck you and your dog you jerk.

It's not like you have anything to fix... your heart maybe? You don't love me like you say you do. That whole saying "If you love them, let them go", and well... treating me as a little pet didn't help when it comes to love either.

I wonder what he will say if he finds out that he reminds me of my brother's father.
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Hmm [15 Nov 2005|07:54pm]
So, lying bastards are fun.

It's nice to hear from old friends

--- oh yea... Funny thing is... he says he cares so much about me, and is mad AT me for breaking up with him... but he is sending pictures to suicide lollie. Oh yay.

haha... god men are weird.

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[14 Nov 2005|11:46pm]
Okay... some random person just started to talk to me... I am really confused. He looked creepy... kind of like one of those guys who lives with their mothers and is a virgin at 30.

I miss male relationships... but I also hate how stupid they are when it comes to simple things... and how selfish they are... and how hard headed they are... I thought Steve was perfect... but I guess he has a hard head too since he doesn't know what he did... even though he was informed... god damnit.

I want to kill things.
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Yep [14 Nov 2005|04:11pm]
Things are still all shitty... I don't know the condition on my great-grandmother, and I hate my color theory class. People are being complete idiots, and they are driving me insane. Top everything off... I don't think I really need to interact with other humans..

Oh ... and Steve... I don't hate you... I hate how you are acting. I know you keep saying you won't talk about "us"... but every time you say that... and when I talk to you for saying that.. you start talking about that and then you wonder why I am pissed off at you.
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So... My world is falling again, ... [13 Nov 2005|11:06pm]
... and I don't understand why things are the way they are. I seriously don't know what to do right now about the people I know and shit... I kind of like this one guy, but he lives in a different state... and my one of my bosses seems to like me... and yea. Weird... I really just want to finish my school and leave everything behind.
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Okay.. life sucks right now [09 Nov 2005|12:48pm]
Saturday night, after 8pm... my debt-card and Maria's money was stolen. She lost 120 bones... and they spent 88 bones of my money on my card. We don't know who it is.. and I am pissed.

Monday, a little girl steals my wallet thinking it is a chew toy... within 4 hours I get angry, pissed, star yelling at things, then crying, then an axiety attack. I didn't go to color theory.. instead went to test cars with Greg and Phil.. Greg hits a pole... I think I have brain damage. Tuesday, I find out that my great grandmother whom I love dearly might die this weekend.

Life is grand... ain't it?
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hmm [24 Oct 2005|10:31am]
I am not dead....

+Ninjas are fucking better+

Greg is acting like a dick, and Tom is acting .... stalkerish. According to Phil, Dirk likes me. Weird. Yea, and I fucking hate color theory since I don't have enough money to paint.
Want to know something ironic? I got a job at tacobell...

-To Chelsea; You and Amanda look so cute together <3

.ifhdgagurhg tired and hating the world... update later... again
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MSI!! [19 Sep 2005|11:26am]
[ mood | excited ]

Oct. 2 2005... second time this year to see MSI. :)

Jimmy will get a second ninja bite... and yes... O.o


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Woot [12 Sep 2005|12:21pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

... my car broke down at school... dude.
I am actually happy today. I haven't smiled in a while... and I like not crying.
Greg and I have seen 9 movies in one week... and I'm still tired from coming home at 4am... yesterday.

What should I be for Oct31?

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.... maybe things will get better [28 Aug 2005|05:58pm]
... I need my life back... some how.

I need to stop crying... and worry about myself.

... but I still love him.
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[15 Aug 2005|12:34pm]
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[13 Aug 2005|07:03pm]
Why does everything Jacob does... reflects on me? I'm not the selfish one. I'm not the redneck one. I do what is asked of me... but I still get insulted when Jacob or anyone else that is connected to me in anyway does something shitty.


Thanks mother.

Fuck you too.
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... college [13 Aug 2005|04:50pm]
Wheeeeee... o.o

I hate charcoal... and in fund of drawing, we have been using that soooo much.

I need a new computer. Powermac g5. I don't want to wait until the prices drop to buy one... damn you apple.

I need a job... :(
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[17 Jul 2005|01:35pm]
Love is a wonderous thing...
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According to my mom: [05 Jul 2005|02:41pm]
If you smoke/used to smoke you're trailor trash.

What the fuck?
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Maybe... just maybe [01 Jul 2005|04:06pm]
Maybe everyone who makes my life a living hell will burst into flames and die.

Reason to this post:

I FUCKING HATE LIVING HERE WITH MY BROTHER AND MOM. They are selfish idiots. I have 5 days left living in the piece of shit house, and everyday they make me want to leave more and more...
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